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Customer - Nenita Casebier

Nenita Casebier

In October 2012, our family doctor endorsed me to a liver specialist to check why I had very high levels of enzymes (ALT-99 , AST - 55). So in November 2012, I underwent a liver biopsy and was diagnosed with NASH (Stage 4/4) and cirrhosis.

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Customer - Oana


My name is Oana, and I have been buying the YHK for two years for my mother. She is 75 years old and suffers from Hepatitis C / Cirrhosis.

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Customer - KK


I have had YHK for a few months now, and it’s effects is very positive, no side effects, I feel much more awake and blood test shows really positive results.

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Customer - Clarence Bailey

Clarence Bailey

I have had Hepatitis C for almost 20 years but have been symptomatic for the past 10 years. I am 62 years of age. I am a non-drinker and have been for about 15 years.

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Customer - Adalberton Schettert

Adalberton Schettert

I started to use YHK because I have steatosis on the liver. It was recommended by a doctor to use it. That doctor is an expert told me about it and I am feeling very good with it.

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Customer - David H.

David H.

My father who has decompensating active liver disease, Grade 4 level, has been for the past 4 weeks on YHK, and seen some dramatic improvement in his ability to constructively do more in the morning and throughout the day. He was diagnosed of cirrhosis of the liver in September 2012 and been hospitalized regularly with cardiac and respiratory complications, resulting in near death in late April, 2013.

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Customer - Sophia Flowers

Sophia Flowers

YHK was recommended to me by Jo Le-Rose and Mike Robinson who are trusted friends. They are amazing people who have introduced hundreds to improved health through their understanding of the human body. Jo used the YHK herself and it improved her liver health.

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Customer - Momo


I have been using YHK for more then 4 years now. I started using YHK when found out that I am a hepatitis B carrier during my pregnancy. At the time, my viral load was high, but my liver function was normal, and I am pregnant, I did not want to use any drugs or medication treatment, instead I have chosen to use YHK where it is more natural and claim to have no side effects.

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Customer - Jenna Haston

Jenna Haston

One day when I was searching for information on NASH diet, YHK pop up on google, and this is how I found out about YHK.

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Customer - Jane Dinnie

Jane Dinnie

I have had hepatitis C since I was 19 (I am 52 now). Throughout the years my LFT results have all been way over the normal range. My ALT ranged from 150 - 260. My liver specialist recommended trying YHK as he said another patient had had good success.

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Customer - Mia Yamato

Mia Yamato

I got to know about YHK from a TV program in 2000. After taking YHK for one week, GPT level has been changed from 100 to 25. And the doctor told me that there must be a mistaken in the blood test. GPT has been 10-30's since then and was stabilized. In 2002, I couldn't take YHK for some time, and my GPT level went up to 130, however it became under 40 after I restarted to take YHK again.

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Customer - Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Unexpectedly I got to know about YHK from a friend of a friend and I think it saved my life and I'm deeply grateful for such a wonderful product. One thing that I don't like about YHK is the amount of the tablets I have to take.

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Customer - Dianne McKellar

Dianne McKellar

I have hepatitis C and fibrosis, When I take YHK I don't feel much changes, apart from feeling more awake, however I could have a sense of reassurance when I learn that the ALT level of blood test result has drop back to normal level. My doctor was really surprised too when she see the result of my blood test, especially on the remarkable improvement of the fibrosis.

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Customer - Ben Quah

Ben Quah

I have hepatitis B for over 30 years, I have had interferon treatment and all the rest, tried all kinds of herbal supplement, milk thistle and all that, but nothing work as well as YHK. I have had YHK for a few months now, and it’s effects is very positive, no side effects, I feel much more awake and blood test shows really positive results.

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Customer - Erica Tomas

Erica Tomas

“YHK is beyond expectations! I have hepatitis C for years which turn in to cirrhosis stage 2, YHK was recommended to me after I visit a new doctor, and after using it for 2 weeks, I knew YHK is working. I felt my energy coming back, my appetite improved and I was about to sleep through a night, which was not possible for years. My ALT level also went down from 134 to 29, (on week 4) which was the biggest surprise for me and my doctor.

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Customer - Gary Bombley

Gary Bombley

“YHK was recommend to me by a friend who also has NASH and fibrosis, as first I was skeptical about it, but after checking with my doctor which he approve for me to try, I gave it a go, and started 6 YHK tablets per day.”

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Customer - David Franklin

David Franklin

I drink alcohol regularly and found to have fatty liver and high ALT and AST level during a checkup. I try reducing to amount of alcohol I drink and exercise, but it did not help to reduce my ALT or AST level by much.

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Customer - Mays Sorrentino

Mays Sorrentino

I have liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis C, and I started using YHK after curing hepatitis C, hoping to improve my liver function and to prevent liver cancer as I still have cirrhosis. I have used YHK for little over a year, and I found it to be good at improving my energy level, and my cirrhosis level has also gone from F3 to F2. I am using 6 YHK tablets per day, and hopefully I can move it to F1 in the coming year.

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Customer - Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts

“I have used YHK for more then 4 years now, I have started using it as a protection as I am a regular drinker. After using YHK, I feel much better on the next day after drinking, and generally I just feel more awake during the day. Overall I am very happy with the result, and I am currently taking 2 tablets per day, and 4 tablets if I have drinking more that day.”

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Customer - Antony Naylor

Antony Naylor

“I was alway slightly overweight and was found to have NASH and fibrosis a few years back, while there wasn’t any effective solution from the doctors, I looked else where and found YHK online. After using YHK my ALT level drop from 186 to 39, I took 6 tablets for my first order of 180 tablets pack. Both myself and my doctor was so socked to see the results. I have since then keep using YHK, and so far, it has been helping me greatly and my liver function is stable. I am now on 3 tablets per day, and would highly recommend it to other people having trouble with NASH.”

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60s Male

The reason I tried YHK is to improve liver function. I used to have liver check up every 6 months. Because of YHK, my liver function (ALT/AST) has been very stableand within normal level for years, I am now confident to only check it up once a year.

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60s Female

On May 2012, I found out about YHK on the Internet and gave a phone call straight away with my last hope that I’ve got. After receiving a few advices, I decided to give it a try. Somehow it really worked for me and my liver enzymes have had improve and normalize after taking YHK just likeother user’s feedback suggested.

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80s Female

My liver enzymes were raised recently and one of my friend suggested me to take YHK since her liver enzymes were lowered to normal range after using YHK. Even though the price of YHK was not an easy reach for me, but visiting hospital on a regular basis is really making my life difficult. So I decided to give YHK a try.

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60s Female

I discovered that I have Non-A, Non B hepatitis (now we call Hep C) in January 1991, since then I visited both traditional Chinese medicine clinic and public hospital to cure my illness. They prescribed me [Stronger Neo-Minophagen C],[Ursosan] and [Glycyron] for a while but my liver enzymes raised to GOT(74),GPT(174),γ-GTP(233).

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