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Sophia Flowers

YHK was recommended to me by Jo Le-Rose and Mike Robinson who are trusted friends. They are amazing people who have introduced hundreds to improved health through their understanding of the human body. Jo used the YHK herself and it improved her liver health.

The reason I have problems with my liver is that I have an addiction to sugar and fatty foods, because I have an eating disorder. I am now changing this deep-seated habit, but it has left me with physical difficulties in my liver, ie

  • Pain in my liver
  • Pain in the chest area, especially the right side where the liver meridian runs through the breast area
  • Discomfort in the lymph round the armpit area
  • Bloating on eating and swelling
  • Heavy head/sluggish on waking up.
  • Inability to focus, take action and lack of concentration/difficulty in remembering. Feeling heavy and down
  • Blurred vision in both eyes, partial blindness at times in the left eye
  • Insomnia and tension in my muscles
  • Itching during the night for the last 7 years. Night calf cramps
  • Much pain in my right shoulder that drops forward as the liver itself and meridian are blocked and pull down
  • Problems with haemoglobin and ferratin levels in my blood which lead to lack of energy and tiredness
  • Pain in joints

I started taking YHK on 22nd March 2013 and took the maximum dose for 10 days. During this time, the pain in my liver, the meridian, shoulder and lymph were more painful so initially it felt my symptoms were worse, but I knew it was because it was initiating change. I then continued with 30 days of DTS, again at the maximum dosage, and started to notice changes in my right shoulder and my head was starting to feel lighter in the mornings. In addition, I found it soothed my kidneys which used to ache on waking up and it seemed to help my spleen which also caused pain in my back.

I partly stopped because of the expense. In the past few weeks, I have started taking the DTS again and would like to take the YHK for at least a month and follow the protocol suggested on your website until I am fully recovered (I am saving up). Then I can take the DTS as a maintenance dose.

I had a full set of blood, glucose, liver and kidney function tests last October 2012 – the Doctor found them to be satisfactory. I had these done again recently on 22nd July 2013 and again, these have been found to be satisfactory, although my Urea levels have dipped. My results are as follows:

Serum Birillium 10
Alkaline Phosphate 57
Serum Total Protein 68
Serum Alanine Aminotranferase (ALT) 11

My haemoglobin result was 12.4 with my ferratin being 39. These have always been low my whole life, but I am convinced that these will improve as my liver becomes healthier. It is my intention to have another test when I have completed the YHK for a full month.

I have no doubt that this is one of those products that will benefit humanity helping those who are seriously ill and those who need help with long-standing issues such as myself.

This is where I feel you could spread the net wider on your website with the information given out. In addition, to those serious illnesses the site have mentioned, it will assist any liver health issue ranging from those with obesity to those with depression.

I would highly recommend both YHK and DTS. Having been a complementary health practitioner for 17 years, I have tried many things and know that this works.

It is a product which is easy to take. The tablets are neat and small in size; very easy to consume. The size means that those seriously ill, the elderly or anyone who may have difficulty in swallowing can take these tablets with ease.

YHK is not a cheap product. Taking high dosages means the tablets do not last long, but if you are committed to your health then it is worthwhile doing this as results are felt quite rapidly. My problem started 30 years ago so to experience a change within 40 days of which only 10 were on the YHK is quite amazing.

I would like to compliment the company on their delivery of the product. It travels to me in the UK, all the way from Japan. However, I receive my order within days. In addition, I find staff polite, efficient and ready to help in whatever way they can.

Finally, I would like to say thank you. Please use my testimonial to help others.

Sophia Flowers

Norwich, United Kingdom

* All reviews are provided by actual users of YHK and should be used as reference purposes only, as each individual health condition is different, results may vary.
Sophia Flowers
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