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I have been using YHK for more then 4 years now. I started using YHK when found out that I am a hepatitis B carrier during my pregnancy. At the time, my viral load was high, but my liver function was normal, and I am pregnant, I did not want to use any drugs or medication treatment, instead I have chosen to use YHK where it is more natural and claim to have no side effects. But still, as I was worry at the start, I have used a low dosage until after birth, I increase my daily dosage to 4 tablets per day.

Since starting YHK, and in recent years, my liver enzymes levels and liver function has always been normal, although my viral load still remains high, there was never any signs of hepatitis, and I have no symptoms what so ever, and my ALT level is mostly under 20. I have visit many different doctors, and they are all very surprise with my report, no doctor has seen any thing like this where a such high viral load but ALT and liver function is normal. It makes me believe that this is due to YHK helping my liver.

Although YHK did not help me to clear the viruses, but I found that increasing the dosage might be able to lower my viral load. I am sure that YHK can help me to maintain my liver health, but my main aim is to lower my viral count. Over all, I think YHK is highly effective, and comparing to medicine and side effects from long term use, YHK is more suitable for me. Seeing some of my other friends with hepatitis B, who is now suffering from side effects of medicines, and can not stop using it, I am very glad that I made a bold choice and try out YHK.

Date                 ALT    AST    HBV DNA
2012-05-30 41 27 170,000,000 UI/ml
2012-09-10 24 18 -
2013-03-08 14 22 12,600,000 UI/ml
2014-02-14 13 17 588,000,000 UI/ml
2014-08-27 12 18 368,400,000 UI/ml
2015-03-10 12 20 403,200,000 UI/ml
2016-03-12 11 19 25,200,000 UI/ml


Hong Kong

* All reviews are provided by actual users of YHK and should be used as reference purposes only, as each individual health condition is different, results may vary.
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