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Adalberton Schettert

I started to use YHK because I have steatosis on the liver. It was recommended by a doctor to use it. That doctor is an expert told me about it and I am feeling very good with it.

I am using YHK last five years. The two first years I take 12 (twelve) tablets per day and now I take 8 (eight) tablets per day.  My steatosis was high and now is been reducing and disappearing. I did not feel alterations in my symptoms.

I do recommend YHK to others. No doubts about this. However, I consider the price very high. In my country (Brazil) I think I am one of the rare cases that use YHK because I am a rich man. But I am considering do not use anymore because the price is very high.

Adalberton Schettert

Sao Paulo, Brazil

* All reviews are provided by actual users of YHK and should be used as reference purposes only, as each individual health condition is different, results may vary.
Adalberton Schettert
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