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* All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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Am I suitable to use YHK?

YHK is suitable for different type of use. It is ideal for people who are looking for an effective liver protection/ supplement and for chronic liver patients to use to support liver health.*


How do I know if YHK is working?

Research shows that YHK usually require 10-30 days to see improvement.

The changes from YHK in the liver can be shown in your liver function test with the ALT and AST levels. The liver enzyme level (ALT/AST) contain in the blood will lower when the liver cells is being restore.

If you are using YHK just for protection, you might not see a big change in the ALT level as it should be normal to start with. But improvement in your energy level, appetite and sleep is also possible signs. Changes in skin tone is also possible as the improve liver function will help the body to process toxic and waste more efficiently.


How long do I need to use YHK for?

You can use YHK for long term if you wish.
YHK can give you an effective and comprehensive liver support, yet it is not a type of medications and its nontoxic, it is very flexible and suitable to use for as long as you wish to have this extra protection.*


How many tablets should I take?

Each person may require different dosage depending on their needs and body condition.

As a reference, we recommend users who want to recover liver function to take 3-6 YHK tablets/ day. And for liver protection to take 1-4 tablets per day.

More information on our Dosage page.


I am on other medications, can I take YHK?

Yes, you can. YHK is made from natural ingredients and research has shown it can be used with other medications and treatment.


Why YHK is more expensive than the usual liver supplement?

There is different reasons to this and it is mainly due to the extensive of research and clinical studies that go into developing it. These scientific work allow YHK to have a much stronger and efficient result to any other liver products currently available in the market.

Another huge part of the cost goes into the quality and safety of YHK. For examples, all ingredients used in YHK is sourced from the finest quality, and there are over 10 different safety testes from raw ingredients to final products to ensure that all YHK is safe before delivering to our customers, and this is the reason why YHK does not have any side effects.


When should I take the tablets?

You can take YHK at any time of the day, with an empty stomach or after meals. You can also choose to split your dosage or take it all together at once.

Our only recommendation would be not to taking YHK is 2 hours before sleeps to allow times for complete digestion.


Is YHK suitable for alcoholic liver problem?

Alcohol can leads to liver cell damage, leads to fat accumulation in the liver and in long term it could lead to cirrhosis. YHK has research studies on alcoholic liver, and has shown to be safe to use for people with alcoholic liver problem.


Can YHK reverse liver cirrhosis?

YHK does not cure advance cirrhosis. But clinical research shows that YHK contain anti-fibrotic properties that can benefit liver with early fibrosis. Some users review also suggest that YHK helps patients with liver cirrhosis, but due to lack of clear evidence, we cannot confirm that YHK can cure or reverse cirrhosis, we can only say that YHK is beneficial for people with cirrhosis.


Can YHK help me after Hepatitis C (DAAs) treatment?

Yes, of course it can, and it is highly recommended!
After successful treatment of DAAs, it mean that hepatitis C virus can no longer harming your liver, but research shows that there is still risk of liver cancer and often liver function might not be completely restored after the treatment.

YHK can offer essential properties to the liver that can help with supporting liver health.

For more information on YHK’s effect on liver cancer (HCC), please view YHK research data.


Is YHK suitable to use for fatty liver & NASH?

YHK is suitable for people with fatty liver or NASH to use. YHK contain anti- inflammation properties, anti- fibrosis properties, and antioxidant properties that are proves to be essential for people with fatty liver or NASH.

YHK has a number of research studies on fatty liver and NASH, including an awarding winning research publication.


WHY is YHK good for liver?

The key to YHK is the anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic and antioxidative properties that it provides to the liver cells. These properties are essentials in liver support. With the unique and patented manufacture method, we were able to create and combine all of these properties into one small tablets.


How is the effects of YHK compare to milk thistle?

YHK is much more efficient then Milk thistle. Milk thistle is a natural plant which contain Silybum. Silybum is known have positive effects in the liver.

Research studies found that when comparing YHK with Silybum, YHK has a much stronger and clear effects then Silybum when applying the same dosage.


Is there any side effects or risks when taking YHK?

No, there is not side effects from YHK. According to various clinical trials involved over 200 patients, no side effects was observed during or after the use of YHK. And we does not have any side effects report from any users. Government approved safety test also shows that YHK does not causes any side effects and is safe for long term use as protective supplement.


Where does the ingredients of YHK came from?

Mainly Japan, and parts of China. All of the ingredients used in YHK are classified in Chinese medicine as highly valuable and nontoxic herbs.

Use for thousands of years in treating different types of diseases, these ingredient require a specific environment to grow, and are only available in parts of China and Japan. We believed that quality and safety is key for our customer, therefore we only use the best selections of these ingredients to make YHK.


What is the size of the YHK tablet?

YHK tablets are relatively small, about 8mm in height and 5mm thick.
Each tablet weighs around 0.25g. They are triangular and with rounded corners and can be easily taken with water.


How should I store YHK?

YHK tablets come in a box inside a zipper bag. Simply store the tablets in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and with the bag zipped up firmly.


What does YHK taste and smell like?

YHK does not have a strong smell or taste when taken directly with water. If melted or crushed, it will have a slightly bitter taste.


What to look for when choosing a liver supplement?

Safety is most important thing when using any supplements. In most countries supplements is unregulated, therefore it’s safety is unknown. The origin of ingredients is also often unknown, therefore, It is important to look for supplements which has tested for safety in long term use, and also to look for any clinical testing, approvals or recognitions.


Can my pets use YHK?

Currently, there is no official research on the use of YHK in pets, but we have received positive feedback from customers.

You may consider to use our other product, DTS, to help pets with liver diseases. The ingredients of DTS are used in some pet food in Japan and we have also heard cases where DTS successfully helps pets to overcome liver diseases. Please visit for more information.


What is the quality standard of YHK?

At our company, product safety is paramount. Making sure that our products are safe for consumers is always our first and foremost priority. Therefore, we spend a huge amount of effort in research and testing to help ensure the safety of our products.

YHK is manufactured in compliance with relevant Japanese laws such as ‘The Health and Safety Laws’, in ISO 9001 certified factories. We also adopt rigorous quality control in the manufacturing process to ensure fine quality.


What is the expiry date of YHK?

Yes, the expiry date is printed on the back of the package. However, we recommend users to take the tablets at the earliest convenience after opening.
All ingredients has to pass relative safety test before being process, and the finial product will also undergo a range of safety and quality testing according to Government standards before selling.


Is there anyways to reduce the cost of YHK?

Yes! Customers with normal ALT can use a combination of YHK and DTS to reduce financial burden. DTS is a supplement designed to improve overall health by supporting kidney and liver function, to enhance the immune system and improve metabolism.

In the beginning, we recommend users to take a higher dosage of YHK. When ALT returns to normal, you can slowly reduce your YHK dosage and switch to a YHK + DTS combination.

  YHK   DTS Remark
Elevated ALT 6 + 0 Take YHK tablets for a month or until ALT is normalized.
Normal ALT 3-4 + 4-12 Once your Liver Function Test confirms normal ALT, YHK dosage can be reduced.
Maintain liver health 1-2 + 4-8

*The above table is for reference only, you should adjust your dosage according to your own health condition.


What is the price of YHK?

YHK comes in 2 different packages of 60 or 180 tablets. The price for YHK60 and YHK180 is $159 and $429 respectively. All prices are in US dollars.


Where can I buy YHK? Is it available in my country?

YHK is only available for purchase from Kyotsujigyo’s online store. We currently do not have any distributors worldwide. If you would like to buy YHK, please visit


What payment methods are available?

We accept credit cards such as Visa and Master cards as well as PayPal. Bank transfer may also be available upon request.


Which countries does YHK ship to?

Orders placed at Kyotsujigyo are available to ship to places covered by EMS (Express Mail Service), which include 190 countries and territories worldwide. You can find the list of destinations here.


How long will it take to receive my order after purchase?

All orders are shipped from Hong Kong from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays). Shipping time varies depending on your location and customs process. It usually takes about 2-10 business days to receive your order.

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