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My name is Oana, and I have been buying the YHK for two years for my mother. She is 75 years old and suffers from Hepatitis C / Cirrhosis. After the first use of YHK, the liver tests results shows amazing improvement especially in 2013 when she first started using. It seems that somehow she stabilised since she has used the YHK, and for now this is our only hope to stop the disease progressing and hopefully to cure her.

Blood test results:
2013-06-18         ALT- 254         AST- 218
2013-08-14 ALT- 364 AST- 427
2013-08-19 ALT- 400 AST- 423
2013-08-28 ALT- 262 AST- 306
2013-09-23 ALT- 45 AST- 153
2013-10-14 ALT- 26 AST- 116
2013-11-14 ALT- 25 AST- 92
2015-06-02 ALT- 36 AST- 152
2015-09-16 ALT- 29 AST- 87



blood test report - 2013-08-19 blood test report - 2013-09-23 blood test report - 2013-10-14 blood test report - 2013-11-14 blood test report - 2015-09-16

* All reviews are provided by actual users of YHK and should be used as reference purposes only, as each individual health condition is different, results may vary.
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