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Best Results: Users Guild For YHK

Best Results: Users Guild For YHK

YHK is a clinically proven supplement that supports liver health. YHK is not only suitable for people with poor liver health but is also designed for liver health maintenance and protection. Multiple international research indicates the patent formula of YHK has a positive effect on liver health recovery, including recovering liver cells and supporting liver function.


Daily Dosage

 6 tablets/day for low liver health, and 3 tablets/day for  liver health maintenance. Split the dosage twice per day for better all-day support. Take with warm water before or after meals. We highly recommend users with weaker liver function take a liver test before and after the course to monitor changes in liver health level, users can look for ALT levels which is a good indication for liver function. Users can also continue with YHK for further protection after ALT levels return to normal, while dosage can be adjust according to individual needs.


Can YHK and DTS be taken together?

Both supplements are made of natural herbal ingredients. They can be taken together without concerns. YHK is specifically designed for liver health, while DTS is more suitable for protecting kidney and liver health. Use both together to strengthen liver and kidney health.


Any side effects?

YHK is made of natural ingredients with a unique patent formula. Clinical research and user report show no side effects under normal YHK use. YHK has also passed a series of quality and safety testing, including heavy metal tests, residual pesticide tests, microbial tests, etc., to ensure it is safe to consume even for long-term use.

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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