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Founder of Kyotsujigyo honoured to be University Professor

Founder of Kyotsujigyo honoured to be University Professor

Our founder Prof Sha has completed his Ph.D. on Health maintenance last year. And was honoured to be invited as Professor at the Musashino Gakuin University, Japan on International Communication.


His main focus as Professor is on Health Maintenance and disease prevention culture, Japanese Kampo, and dementia.



1953 - Born in Shanghai 

1981 - Graduated from Shanghai Normal University

1887 - Moved to Japan

1991 - Established Kyotsujigyo Inc.

1997 - Acquired Japanese Nationality

2015 - Complete Ph.D. on International communication   

            - Thesis: A Study on Analysis of Yojokun‐Influence from Chinese Classic Texts

2016 - Became as a Professor at the Musashino Gakuin University, Japan 

             - Health Maintenance and disease prevention.


Research and Patent Achievement

As a result of longstanding research based on traditional oriental medicine, he successfully formulated Yojo supplements designed to maintain and recover liver and kidney functions, anti-cancer, fatigue recovery, exercise capacity enhancement, energy enhancement, reduce medication side effects, prevent and minimise the symptoms of cold and influenza etc. 


Above effects have been proven through scientific researches, with these significant evidence of benefits, his products acquired 7 patents in the US, Europe, Canada, China and Japan. 


US        NO.6586017



Canada NO.2291974

Europe  NO.1002540

China    NO.ZL03107003.5

Japan    NO.4588132


Research and Academic Exchange


Over 40 conferences and exchanges at Japan & oversea hepatology society and Cancer society. 



The research paper on efficacy against liver cirrhosis and NASH received two excellent awards winning at the Japan Society of Hepatology.



Published 11 times on world famous academic journals include 「Annals of New York Academy of Science.



14 pieces of research paper and results have been listing on National Medical Library (Pubmed), shared to professionals and opened to public.


Conferencece presentation


The 16th The Japanese society for complementary and alternative medicine 

“The Search for Yo-jyo supplement possibility in hepatitis prevention and liver damage”



  • The amazing power of Panax and Eucommia.
  • The real health preservation of oriental medicine. 
  • Buy the finest quality herbs in Japan. 
  • No more liver cancer from Hep C.
  • Boost up your liver!
  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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