Thank you letter to Prof. Marotta

Since 1999, Kyotsujigyo has hoped to perform thorough research and studies on the long history of oriental medicine. Prof. F. Marotta, who has great training experience at the Japan National Cancer Centre, had a common interest in this regard. After being interviewed by the president of Kyotsujigyo, Ph.D. Shinhan SHA, and pharmacology expert, Prof. Noboru YANAIHARA, Kyotsujigyo decided to invite Prof. F. Marotta to join the research group to perform studies on Kyotsujigyo’sinventions to study theirefficacy, safety and application.

In 2000, Prof. F. Marotta officially signed a research contract with the company. Kyotsujigyo promised to provide funding for all of the professor’s research. Prof. F. Marotta in return promised an annual quantity of work with high quality methods and auditing standards. More importantly, Prof. F. Marotta also guaranteed not to violate public morality.

After more than ten years of cooperation, Kyotsujigyo believes that Prof. F. Marotta is a “top class” researcher. Prof. F. Marotta shows enthusiasm and passion in his work, and he has great acuity in scientific exploration. His performance in the scope of his work is excellent.

Despite the fact that Prof. F. Marotta did not have the opportunity to directly participate in any of Kyotsujigyo’s clinical trials due to restrictions in conditions, he successfully completed and published a number of excellent animal experiments together with other basic research. During the research period, he also maintained good dignity, and did not participate in commodity trading behaviour as promised.

Now that the cooperation between Kyotsujigyo and Prof. F. Marotta has terminated, we would like to thank Prof. F. Marotta for all of the hard work including research, validation studies and animal tests that he has done on the company's products. Kyotsujigyo is grateful for his contribution over the years.

Kyotsujigyohas excellent assessment of Prof. F. Marotta’s character and academic ability. We welcome Prof. F. Marotta to join us in the next phase of productpopularization and promotion; to work together topromote the prevention of diseases and health improvement;to reduce medical costs andhalt the progression of diseases, and to reduce patients’ sufferings.

We sincerely thank Prof. F. Marotta, and wish him all the best!

Kyotsujigyo Inc.

* Note:
Prof. F. Marotta is one of the researchers who have worked with Kyotsujigyo. However he did not participate in the formulation, manufacturing technology, design of quality standards, or any clinical data collection of Kyotsujigyo’s products. Prof. F. Marotta also has no rights and no relation to any of the products’ patents.