Product Safety Information

Our commitment in safety and quality means that YHK is supported by science evidence, recommended by healthcare professionals, and used by liver disease patients around the world.

Committed in Safety and Quality

To ensure our products are safe for customers to use, we adopt a range of testing procedures and conduct research to assess the safety of our products. These safety testing procedures and research aim to identify any potential risks of our products and to allow customers to fully understand them before use. We have conducted safety tests on all the ingredients we use, as well as quality and safety tests on the final product. We also have a range of studies and clinical research on the safety and effects of YHK.

Clinical Research with No Side Effects

Understanding the risks of using natural health products is very important. Over the years, we have spent a great amount of effort in research and clinical studies to observe any side effects of YHK. We have conducted over 20 different research on YHK, and clinical studies with more than 200 liver disease patients.

Over 20 different research on more than 200 patients. NO known side effects has been found.

In our clinical trials, we observed any signs of side effects including but not limited to: insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, mental instability, abnormal blood pressure, liver damage, kidney damage and more. No known side effects has been found.

Safe & Tested Ingredients

We only use safe and effective ingredients. All raw materials have been tested and hold safety certificates. This is the very first step we take to ensure that our products are safe. During the manufacturing process, we also apply a range of different tests on our products to ensure safety, i.e. Heavy metals and toxicity test, Microbial Limit Test and Residual Pesticides Test.

Understand YHK before use

YHK is not a drug or a medication, and cannot replace the effect of therapeutic drugs and surgical treatment. We recommend our customers to understand its functions before use.

Understanding our customers

We understand that some liver patients may have doubts over YHK’s safety because of its natural ingredients, especially when there are so many different herbal/ natural supplements available in the market, it can be hard to differentiate the safe from the unsafe. Therefore, we have a list here that sums up the key points on the safety of our products. Hopefully, this can help our customers to understand YHK’s safety standards and give our customers better assurance.

  • Clinical Research on 200+ liver patients
  • No known side effects found in all research
  • No customer feedback that mentions side effects since launch
  • All ingredients passed relevant safety tests after extraction and before use
  • Manufacturing formula is patented in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan & China

Satisfied Customers

Since the launch of YHK more than 20 years ago, Kyotsujigyo & YHK has built a close relationship with liver patients around the world. We are truly grateful for the support we get from our customers. We value our relationship with our customers and their satisfaction are assessed on an ongoing basis by our customer support team. We hope to continue to supply high quality, safe, and effective products to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can help.