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What are the differences between taking YHK and consuming the ingredients directly?

What are the differences between taking YHK and consuming the ingredients directly?

Specially designed for liver health recovery, YHK contains four ingredients that are proven to repair and regenerate liver cells, and they are namely Panax Pseudoginseng, Eucommia, Licorice Root, and Rhizoma Polygonati.

Since the four ingredients are often readily available in markets, why do we still have to pick YHK over taking the ingredients directly? Let’s find out in the comparison between the two options.


Consuming the 4 ingredients directly

  • It might not be safe: One of the most common and traditional ways of taking herbal ingredients is to boil the raw herbs into a decoction. Even though this might look like the best way to ingest herbal ingredients, it is probably not the safest. Most herbs contain microbial and heavy metal contaminants, toxins, pesticides, and impurities, all of which are often not removed properly when they are consumed in decoctions. Taking too many toxic substances over time could lead to adverse reactions.
  • Medicinal effects are not maximized: There are precise techniques to prepare raw herbs and the preparation method has a direct link to the herbs’ medicinal effects. When decoctions are prepared improperly, the effects may not be fully maximized while the toxicity and the side-effects are not fully eliminated. Not to mention that the dosage amount, which is difficult to be accurate when it is home-made, also determines the medicinal effects as well.
  • Inconvenient and difficult to consume: Preparing herbal decoction is often time-consuming – all the procedures from rinsing, soaking, to the actual boiling can easily take hours to be done. And the taste and smell are probably too strong to make people keep the habit going.  


Taking YHK

  • Patented extraction methods & high safety standard: YHK is made using a unique patented extraction method, and this manufacturing process allows the amount of each ingredient to balance with one another. By having the right proportions of each ingredient, YHK’s special formula allows chemical reactions between the ingredients and this increases efficacy and enhances safety. At the same time, our unique manufacturing process eliminates unwanted and toxic substances that are often found in raw herbs, making YHK extra safe for consumption. Our formula is patented in Japan, China, the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • Scientifically proven: Numerous tests and clinical research were conducted to study the effects and safety of YHK, and the effective results of YHK have been shown in clinical data and users’ feedback throughout the years. From these research data, it shows that positive effects can be achieved in the safest way by taking YHK.
  • Only the finest quality of ingredients are selected: Compared with the herbs that are sold on the market which often have uneven quality, YHK exclusively uses herbs that pass our ingredient selection standards, ensuring stable effectiveness in every single tablet.
  • Formulated for better absorption: YHK’s combination of ingredients and their respective amount are carefully calculated so that they can be easily absorbed into our body. Since absorption is a complex process, we have taken that into account when we developed YHK to ensure the best absorption.
  • Convenient and easy to consume: YHK comes in a tablet form which can be swallowed with water easily. It is also small in size (weighing only 0.25g per tablet) that even elderlies and individuals who are ill will have no problem taking it. Unlike traditional decoction, YHK has no unpleasant smell and taste and it does not leave any herbal bitter taste in mouth after taking. 

If you would like to know more about YHK, or if you would want to discuss how YHK can help you achieve good liver health, drop us a line at

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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